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-So you say, there's yet another IMParty. -The eleventh one? -Interesting...
   Why not come and see what the fuzz is about? 
To be totally honest,  I, my self have no clue what so ever what it is that makes people from all over the "world" to participate at the IMParty, not only once, some even comes back and that for several years in a row!
Maybe it's the people or maybe it's the atmosphere the people create, beats me.. 

However, this page is an official invitation to the Eleventh IMParty which will be held at the "new" place like the last (three?) IMPartys. That my friends is a the 'Malmenskolan' located at the heart of Sweden, Grangesberg. (That last sentence is a big load of bull but who cares?)

- So when is this so called "IMParty" 
going to start and when does it end?

The official opening of The IMParty is at 18:00 hours (that's six'o'clock P.M. for you Americans) the 28th of July and it will end probably at 12:00 the 31th of July. To find the party place follow the links below.

How to find the damn place!
General information and activities


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